Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ipoh Kinta Riverfront Hotel  -Silibin Road - Ipoh Lumut Highway- Jalan Siputeh - Parit - Senggang - Karai - Lintang - Lasah - Ulu Kuang - Chemor - K. Kangsar Road - Ipoh Kinta Riverfront Hotel 
Remark : Route subject to change upon traffic police approval. 

Elevation - CRM2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome speech by Alvin Chooi (Organising Chairman)

 Going Long.....A Journey Of Discovery ...........
The 6th Edition of Century Ride Malaysia warmly welcomes each and every one of you! It is my pleasure to welcome all of you onboard our CRM 2012 with the theme, 'Going Long…A Journey of Discovery’. As this year is also Visit Perak Year, it is our honor to be able to play a role in promoting the places of interest in this Silver State using Century Ride.

Perak is well-known for its food as well as beautiful historical sites. Besides that, there are so many other activities that can be done i.e. Mountain Biking, Caving, Jungle Trekking, Bird watching. Century Ride is but one activity that can enable participants to appreciate the beauty found in the places as well as discover their own ability in completing this challenging ride.
This year’s theme is chosen as such because we hope that completing the 160km, participants will discover that the human spirit is unbreakable and when challenged, it can go beyond the limits. CRM may look like a formidable challenge, but I know that all of you are capable of breaking out of your comfort zones. It is not an impossible task to complete 160km when there is perseverance and endurance. Century Ride is NOT a race, but rather a ride where one goes through a process of discovering the hidden strength and potential. It is also a wonderful feeling when like-minded individuals go through this challenge and there is strong support in the group to achieve the goals set.
I would like to also say that CRM is not possible if not for the support of the various government agencies, sponsors, volunteers and of course, the organizing committee. I hope that Century Ride 2012 will be another great cycling event to remember by. Have a safe ride!

Organizing Chairperson / Route Director
Century Ride Malaysia 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012


Come and earn yourself an Exquisite CRM 2012 Finishing Medal. New design will be out soon!!

CRM 2011 Finishing Medal (Front)

  2011 CRM Finishing Medal (Back)

                CRM 5-Year Exquisitely Crafted Finishing Medals (2007-2011)