Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Greetings from Century Ride Malaysia Team 2010!

We understand that there have been some concerns about the registration fees for Century Ride 2010 being "too expensive", and would like to reassure all participants that, compared with Century Ride and other similar long distance events organised outside Malaysia, Century Ride Malaysia fees are still one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, anywhere in the world.

As you may be aware, no club or society makes money from organising races. A 100 mile long event like Century Ride Malaysia is particularly expensive to organise, e.g. it involves many volunteers (we pay all our volunteers) over the entire distance, plus we endeavour to organise a quality (safe, enjoyable) event, with special designed trophies, finishing medals, premium t-shirts, buffet lunch and fantastic lucky draw prizes . Sports events are usually heavily sponsored hence the fees are greatly subsidised already. With the registration fee of RM100 per participant, Kelab Roadrunners Club (KRI) would still be making a loss on Century Ride, if we did not have sponsors.

Hence, the more participants there are, the more funds KRI actually has to use to subsidise the event (and the more money we "rugi"!). However, KRI is a not-for-profit club; it is not driven by profit. What drives KRI to organise Century Ride year after year, in spite of the blood, sweat and tears (and subsidies!), is the sheer passion for the beloved sport of cycling (we have done so for more than 20 years in running!). Nothing gives the organisers more joy than to see the sport grow in popularity, and Century Ride grow to become one of the largest, most recognisable cycling marathon in our region, (Century Ride has also been featured in a leading Thai cyling magazine!).

Unfortunately, in order to keep the event within our budget, we are not able to take in more than 600 participants this year, on a first come first served basis. (Otherwise the club will really "rugi" besar!) Already, we have 85 entries received so far from Singapore participants, who all think the fees are reasonable. We sent the entry forms over as soon as they were out last week and they were well received . It's great to see such fantastic sporting spirit and strong support from our neighbours across the causeway. =) It saddens us when our own people complain that we are too expensive.

The primary objective of organising Century Ride is thus to promote cycling in Perak in a big way, and to promote Perak as the popular cycling destination in Malaysia. We are very proud that this is the fourth year in a row that KRI is organising the event, and Century Ride remains the only event of its kind in Malaysia. We have also received confirmation from Perak State Government pledging their full support for this event.

Last year, the fee was RM90 and there was NOT ONE complaint that it was too expensive, especially for what you get in return. Century Ride is a quality event. We want all participants to enjoy the event. This year, we have invested even more into the event (e.g. timing chips to determine timing at finishing etc), but have tried our best to keep the fees as low as possible. Participating in an equivalent event in Singapore, not to mention Australia and overseas, would cost twice as much!

What good is it to pay RM50 fees to participate in an event that leaves much to be desired? (By the way, if you are a KRI member the fees are further subsidised to RM60; you can still join the club and pay members' fees if you do so by a certain date.)

If you have ever taken part in Century Ride Malaysia, you will know what we mean. If you have never experienced our event, we ask you not to take our word for it. Join us and find out for yourself!

We promise you will agree that RM100 to take part in an event of premium quality such as Century Ride 2010, is but a very small price to pay for an experience that will keep you coming back for MORE!

Hope this email answers any doubts you may have had, and please help us by forwarding this email to all fellow cyclists so that people know where we are coming from. We are not a club without integrity. We will persevere to keep fees as low as possible WITHOUT SACRIFICING ON QUALITY, so people can
continue to support Century Ride in the years to come! Remember, Century Ride is for YOU, the avid cyclist. Without your support, we may as well stop organising the event. It's very discouraging to the team when people misunderstand us or think that we are getting "greedy" with the fees. They couldn't be more wrong, as any organiser can tell you.

Jom, kami pergi Century Ride 2010!

You can always write back if you have any other queries or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you and your friends soon... =)

Best wishes,

From the Century Ride Malaysia Team

PS) Sign up early to avoid disappointment! ;)