Thursday, April 28, 2011



Spinning Wheel: What goes around, comes around.
The cycling world reeled in shock when one of its own, a cyclist, was tragically killed in a road accident in KL recently. Above the sympathy, condolences and outpouring of loss and grief that ensued, is perhaps the overwhelming realization that it could so easily have been any of us at any time. Cyclists take to the road and do what we love to do daily, taking for granted that motorists drive with caution and consideration, or at the very least, are aware that we exist. It takes just one split second, one errant motorist, and one error of judgment, for a fatal accident to happen.

On that day, a fellow cyclist and true love of the sport was taken from us, and the fraternity would never be the same again. A cycling club, of which the victim was a stalwart member, organized A Tribute Ride in his memory, on the same highway. This gesture truly demonstrates what the sport is all about i.e. when one brother falls, the whole “family” rallies around to support the fallen. It is what gives meaning to the whole idea of the “brotherhood” of cycling. We launch together, we cry together, we are there to support each other through the good times and the bad.

In conjunction with the Tribute Ride, an auction was held in which a bicycle worth RM1,200 was donated to raise funds for the family. The successful bidder, who wishes to remain anonymous, has in turn generously donated the bike to Century Ride Malaysia 2011 (CRM), as a prize for the lucky draw. The organizers of Century Ride Malaysia are truly touched and inspired by this act of generosity, which truly demonstrates the “brotherhood” nature of cycling. Like the wheels of a bike, what goes around, comes around.

CRM is indeed grateful and appreciative of the gift of the bike which has come full circle and landed into its hands. Cyclists can be assured that this special bike will be given back to the cycling community - one lucky participant of Century Ride Malaysia 2011 will win it as a prize in the lucky draw.

Who will this lucky person be?? Find out at CRM July 17th, 2011. Keep the wheel going!