Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Message by Chong Him Shoong, President of Kelab Roadrunners Ipoh

As Ipoh rouses from the night’s slumber, more than 800 cyclists from across the nation and beyond, take to the streets, blazing a trail through the city, and taking it by storm.
It is the return of Century Ride Malaysia!
This colourful annual cycling event brings the cyclists to Perak and puts it on the map. In a bold new move and break from tradition, this year’s event will take off from Dataran Ipoh, the city’s focal point, instead of from the suburbs of Bukit Kinding.
I am delighted to welcome all participants to the fourth edition of Century Ride this year. To those who are back for the second, third or even fourth time, an especially warm welcome back! And to those who are making their debut this year, congratulations on taking on the challenge! It is one that you will not regret nor forget.
We in Perak are particularly proud of Century Ride Malaysia as this event is unique not only to Perak, but also, to Malaysia. It brings the world to our doorstep, presenting a wonderful opportunity for cyclists from around the region to meet, get to know one another and share cycling experiences that build friendship and goodwill. Every cyclist knows that, ultimately, there is nothing like riding with a bunch of other cyclists, navigating difficult stretches of uphill climbs and whizzing downhill together, and then later talking about it over a long cold drink and a good lunch, to forge the strongest bonds of camaraderie.
This is what Century Ride is all about. More than that, it is a ride in which everyone, even the novice, gets to feel like a pro, with the accompanying support, police escorts, traffic control, water stations provided throughout the course, just like in professional cycling events.
“Over a carefully planned route that takes cyclists through 100 miles of beautiful Perak terrain, milestones are achieved, personal records set or broken, friendships forged across cultures and communities.
Ultimately for the road cyclist it is to achieve a personal milestone. So one should not be intimidated if there are cyclists who are faster than you as along the way you will meet people of the same fitness level and capability as you. Remember, Century Ride is a ride, NOT a race!
For your efforts you come away with a Certificate of Achievement, a Finishers medal, T-shirt and hot lunch, but what is greater is the intangible feeling of personal achievement and self believe, not to mention an unforgettable (and for many, highly addictive!) experience. If our participants come away with that feeling of satisfaction, all the blood, sweat and even tears involved in organising the event would have been worth it.
Not many realize the intricacies and hard work involved in organising a 100-mile event - it is a mammoth task - hence KRI particularly appreciates and commends sporting clubs everywhere which organise similar events. I wish to thank in particular all our valued sponsors for making the event possible. I am also grateful to have the full support of the Perak state government to help mobilise support services such as the police, fire-department and medical services. Most of all, thank you to all participants, particularly those who have come from outside Perak. Without all your support, there will be no Century Ride Malaysia.
Enjoy the ride! Go out there and take Ipoh city by storm!


We are exactly one month away from this year’s Century Ride. With every passing year we face new challenges in organizing an event of this size from the aspect of cost, meeting our sponsors needs, and ensuring all stakeholders duties and responsibilities are fulfilled in making this a memorable event.  
The Century Ride has never been a race! It will always be an event to challenge one selves against the weather, the terrain.
Be that as it may, this year several professional teams have registered to participate in the event. Rest assured the professionals will be racing in a category of their own and this will not affect those in the open and age group categories.
One of the most challenging aspect of this year's event, was the finding a suitable course which was challenging. This year the Committee felt that as cyclist, we had to make a statement to tell others to share the road with us hence this years event begins and finishes in downtown Ipoh
Despite what has been stated in the newspapers, this year’s event is by no means an “easier” course. It is for this reason that our technical team feel that if riders do not reach the 2nd water station by 10.30 am, we will have no choice but to remove participants from the course. My technical committee has taken all steps necessary to ensure safety of participants by having sufficient volunteers, marshals and police out-riders and Emergency Response teams in place, however with all this in place, we encourage all riders not to take this for granted and also to exercise caution when participating i.e looking left & right at intersections and junctions and cycling in a single file and not encroaching to the other side of the road.

With the failure of several participants to return the timing chips last year, we have had to resort to collecting a deposit for the chips which will be refunded to you upon return. We trust all participants will co-operate with us on this issue
Lastly, I just want to remind all participants, that the future of this event and any other event is dependent on our sponsors and they willingness to come forth and support this event. Every sponsor that comes to support the event, wants to gain some sort of milage / exposure from the event. As participants and organizers, we in one way or another must try to meet the expectation of our sponsors.
Our event sponsors/partners namely the hotels have place requirements which we hope that all participants adhere to in respect of the bicycles being taken to the rooms. Our 2 partner Hotels , Tower Regency and Hotel Excelsior have made provisions for the placement of the bicycles in secured storage area.
On behalf of my committee, we look forward to welcoming you to this years event.

This year’s fifth edition of Century Ride Malaysia (CRM) will be a special one. Unlike previous years where the event started and finished at Bukit Kinding, on the outskirts of Ipoh, CRM 2011 will be flagged off in the Ipoh city centre itself. This presents an interesting change for participants, while posing new challenges to the organizers in many respects. Starting and Finishing in the city area will give the added publicity to CRM that we need; we hope this will bring about more interest in cycling among the locals. At the same time, we want to be sending out an important message to the public that cyclists have the RIGHT to ride (i.e. sharing of road with motorists, and respecting each others’ right of way).This begs the question: Will it be too dangerous to cycle in the city area? Consider the infrastructure in major cities of the civilized world, where it is the norm to have cycle paths specially designated for the use of bicycles, making it safe and enjoyable to cycle even within inner city areas. By contrast, sadly, here in Malaysia the cyclist has been given very little consideration nor recognition in this regard. City town planners must put in careful thought and planning to create cycling paths and pedestrian walkways alongside major streets and busy roads across the city, if cycling as a safe sport and green way of life are to be encouraged. I leave this thought with you.

The CRM 2011 organizing committee and support team have to put in extra effort and that much more work for this year’s event. There will be more cars and more traffics lights to handle compared to previous years, all adding to the challenge and the cost. But we want to make it safe and enjoyable for participants and you have our assurance that the wellbeing and the safety of riders will not be compromised.

The CRM 2011 route is an excellent introduction to Perak, to those who are not familiar with our beautiful state. Participants will ride past a series of interesting and historical places, such as:

 - Sam Poh Tong Cave- Pomelo Stalls
- Kg Kepayang Heritage Street- Kellie’s Castle
- Chenderong Dredge (Kapal Korek)
- Papan Town- Sg. Perak

The route will be mostly flat but there will be a surprise 30KM hilly terrain. We know what flat means to cyclists - riders will tend to go for speed (All Out) – however please bear in mind that Century Ride is not a race, it is meant to be a fun fellowship ride aimed at promoting camaraderie, goodwill and friendship amongst cyclists across borders. So, my advice is “RIDE SAFE!” It’s not about how fast you are but lasting the distance and finishing safely. Among friends.

Have a safe and happy ride. ………