Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Newsflash, newsflash!!

Dateline: July 27th, 2010

Record number of participants at Century Ride 2010; partner hotels fully booked!

Registration for Century Ride 2010 is now officially CLOSED. As of July 27th, we have registered a total number of 590 participants to this year’s event, surpassing last year’s record of 546

A very big THANK YOU to all participants! The response has been truly overwhelming, particularly in the last two weeks. Our official hotel, Tower Regency, is now fully booked, as are Heritage Hotel and Bukit Kinding Resort chalets, thanks to participants from out of town. We are especially grateful to the cycling clubs throughout the country as well as in neighbouring countries, for your support and encouragement, which have been the mainstay of our efforts.

Special thanks to the more than 30 cycling clubs who have entered in groups of seven or more. Your support is greatly appreciated !

The Countdown to Century Ride 2010 starts NOW...!

Fasten your helmets and hang on to your handlebars, people, it’s five days to the event we’ve all been waiting for! The time has come for us to put all those weeks of training and preparation to the 100 mile test. Seasoned centurions will know exactly what to expect, but rookies may be starting to get just a little bit anxious about what is to come.

Well, this is the “tapering” period, where training should be cut back to nothing more than a casual half an hour daily ride, and you concentrate instead on strength and resistance training for added stamina. Weight training, anaerobic exercises and daily workouts are essential to keep fitness to a maximum (you will be needing it!). We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to ensure your bike is in as tip top a condition as you are! If you have not done so already, do send your pedal machine for a complete service, change or replace any parts that need to be replaced, and make sure your cranks are

Here’s a checklist of items you may need to bring along with you:
1. Bicycle pump
2. Spare tube
3. Water bottle
4. Nutritional drinks, bars and supplements
5. Helmet! NO HELMET ...NO RIDE !
6. Sunblock
7. Sunglasses
8. Cycling attire and gloves
9. Your support team =)
10. An enthusiastic spirit!

Why participate in an organized Century Ride (or What you can expect from our event)

Some have wondered if it’s really worth taking part in an organized event when they can easily cycle 100 miles on their own at no cost. Some pros and cons. Cycling 100 miles alone or with some buddies may not be any less fun than cycling in an organized event. However, at the end of it all, there is nothing to show for your efforts that you can physically cherish, remember (apart from a sore butt!), and exhibit for posterity.

We are 100% committed to giving all participants more than just a ride, but a total experience, when they take to their saddles and begin the 100 mile journey. We try to make our courses unique each year, and we try to improve on the previous year's event wherever we need to.
As a participant of Century Ride Malaysia organized by KRI Cycling Club with the support of the Perak State government, you get a BROOKS t-shirt of outstanding quality, a certificate of achievement and a beautiful finishing medal to commemorate not only the event but the proud fact that you have achieved the Century. This hand-crafted 3D work of art is a beauty to behold and is guaranteed to take pride of place among your collectibles long after the dust has settled from Century Ride 2010. (See photo.)

In addition, participants can expect organized support including, among other things, police escort, vehicles providing mechanical or other assistance, rest stops placed regularly along the route with food, drink and basic first aid supplies etc.

We are proud that we are able to provide some value added extras to this year's event, all designed to give you back more than your money’s worth in entry fees. The most notable would be the innovative chip timing system for greater efficiency and accuracy at the finish line.

We have also arranged for a private coach to take participants staying at Tower Regency, our official hotel, to the event site at Bukit Kinding Resort, on the morning of August 1st, and back to the hotel at the end of the event.

We have police escorts and marshalls throughout the 100 mile course so you will feel like you are a pro in Tour de France or a similar elite race, and do remember to smile even if you are agonising a particularly tortuous uphill stretch because chances are someone will be taking photographs of you to show for your efforts.

Still have lingering doubts?? Imagine then if you will the thrill of riding alongside fellow cyclists – strangers, acquaintances and friends -, the adrenalin rush of negotiating undulating roads uphill and downhill together, and the sheer ecstasy of crossing the finish line, preferably ahead of someone you have been trailing for 95 miles!

Can there be anything to compare, too, with the pure joy of riding with people from across cultures and communities, in peloton after peloton, and then talking and sharing the day over a hot curry lunch and a long cold drink, building camaraderie, and ending the day being firm friends? You will quickly find, if you do not know this already, that events like ours are the perfect place to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

Indeed, we are very proud of this homegrown Perak event which has put the Silver State on the map and brings the world to our doorstep.

More than half of our participants are from outside Perak state, with a sizeable number of foreigners (from Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand among others.)

There will be four “pit stop stations” along the 100-mile route where participants can refuel and recharge. At each of the stations, you can expect drinks (water and 100 plus) as well as snacks such as bananas, delicious assorted buns, and other carbohydrates. We do not recommend a heavy breakfast before the start of the ride; it is better to nourish and replenish at regular intervals than to eat (or drink) too much too soon.

Showers are also available at the Bukit Kinding Resort pool area; those who cannot wait have the option of jumping straight from your bikes into the beckoning pool to cool off, sore butt notwithstanding. =)

As a treasured keepsake, photographs of the event in CD form will be available for purchase approximately two weeks after the event. For updates on this, please visit our blogsite www.centuryridemalaysia.blogspot.com after August 2nd, 2010.

Century Ride Malaysia was never meant to be a race – it has and will always be organized as a fun community event – and although trophies are rewarded to those who finish fastest, the only race that should really count is the one you have with yourself. Perhaps this is why participants keep coming back year after year – they may have a personal record to they have set for themselves or one they aspire to break – that is documented and witnessed to.

Century Ride is a journey waiting to be discovered in a totally unique way for each participant. At the end of the 100 mile journey, we hope you discover some of the beauty of Perak, and a lot more about yourself.

Most of all, we hope very much that you will enjoy the event as well as all that Ipoh has to offer you. Ask us about food and where to eat and we would be pleased to offer you some suggestions. Take some time off to explore Perak and go on our famed food trail. If you want to get back to nature, My Gopeng Resort has it all – from white water rafting, to rope climbing and camping.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ipoh on the weekend of July 31st. Have a safe trip here, stay healthy and get plenty of rest before the event.. so you can ride happy!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Collection of number tags ad goodie bags will be held at Tower Regency Hotel on Saturday, 31st July from 11 am to 7 pm. (See attached map for directions.)

To all Riders take note :
There will be a photographers stationed at ALL various beautiful points along the 160KM route to take pictures for yours, ! Ride with  SMILE !

To All volunteers Photographers
Pls kindly attend to our short briefing on31 July 2010, at 3.00pm-4.00pm at Tower Regency Hotel. Name Tag / Stickers will be provided. contact person:: Alice Chim 012 5068369